Yo!  I need to explain a few things to anyone who cares… I  get lots and lots of requests for charity donations.  I don’t think there’s a month that goes by when I don’t get a couple request for donations.  I’m grateful that you think of me and my art.  I love the fact that I can and have raised a lot of money for many charities.  It makes me feel good all over.

I want to be clear… I can not help everyone with a request.  I have to be selective and smart.  I’m always working on exhibitions, events and fundraisers.  I need to consider all of that when I make my decisions for who I donate to.  If you put in a request, please understand I’m doing my best to help everyone when I can.  I also know I can’t help everyone.

When you put in your request I need as much info about you, your charity and event.  I need to know who, what and why.  Then be patient with me cuz I’m busy and gotta check everything out.  I need to make sure all is good.  Thank you.