YO!  I’m a fan of the Clubhouse app and join in conversations when I got free time.  I like to listen more than talk.  I like to hear the young photographers complain about the business of photography.  They make me laugh cuz I was young once and know exactly what they talking about.  I try my best to let them sort it out on their own, but once in while I jump in and drop some wisdom.

I have met so many photographers from these Clubhouse room and who are now amazing friends.  I wanna give a shout out to Dallas Logan and Dae Howerton most of all.  Also big hugs to Michael Spencer, Mariah Naella and Alina Gofman.  So many other amazing passionate photographers in these rooms… Sonny Black, Stephanie Lynn, Kail Soul, Andy Pham, Chris Ramirez, JD Barnes, Will Weeks, Townes, Shawn Merrick, Jeff Lipsky, Tavia Garland, Maarten de Boer, Tanya Clark, INKD, Stephanie Lynn , Lil Shot, Sean Dackermann and SO many more.

What a love most about all these photographers is hearing their passion for photography.  They’re all talented in their own way, but it’s the passion that shines!  I also love the support of the community big time.  There has been some minor dramas, but nothing too bad.  For me it’s about support and sharing.  I have been blessed to have a few of these photographers stop by for a visit.  Super fun to meet everyone in person and they’re all better in person!  I hope to meet everyone at some point.  I hope to get to know everyone and help where I can.