HELLOOO!  Can you hear me?  Can I hear you?  What are you saying or not saying?  I’m going to RANT again to ALL my young people, friends and acquaintances.  I’m tired, so tired.  Simply put… in life and business… communication is everything.  Every problem, every issues or bad business comes from bad communication, no communication or stupid communication!!!  I do NOT read minds!!!  Nobody does!!

Do you think NOT communicating solves the problem?  Do you think just acting like there is not problem and not dealing with it makes it go away?  Do you think it’s the way to do business or life?  Do you like it when your client or friend does NOT communicate with you?  I could go on and on, but I will spare you for now.  Listen up… commutation is everything.  EVEN if you don’t know or understand… just say I don’t know or understand.  If there is a problem, just communicate no matter how tough it is cuz I promise you it will get worse if you don’t.

I have a handful of young acquaintances who are annoying the fuck out of me just cuz they will not take responsibility for their actions and words.  They just disappear and think I will forget.  I don’t and won’t forget.  If they would only communicate it would be nice, but they are too immature to do so.  

My fault for believing them and their words.  My fault for trusting that they understand who I am.  My fault for thinking they would respect me enough to communicate.  All my fault I guess, but at least I’m communicating it to you and them.  My fault for being too nice… at least that’s what my longtime friends say.   I’m too fucking nice.  UGH!