I was listening to a group of photographers in Clubhouse talking about being a photographer vs content creator.  They all felt being called a content creator was an insult.  They felt content creators were beneath them.  Of course I laughed and then jumped into the conversation.  I told them you are BOTH.  A photographer who creates content.

I love how these days everyone is sensitive about labels.  Makes me smile.  I just try to let them know labels are not facts.  Labels are just labels.  Today being a content creator is a big time job and I bet makes more money than photographers.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing, it’s just what it is today.

Sometimes I’m a photographer and sometimes a content creator.  But basically I’ll be what ever you want me to be if you PAY me.  I do believe making content is not a bad thing.  It’s the world we live in and never forget content is king.  But distribution pays the kings mortgage.  So get busy being both and enjoy being both.  Do the work.