cc_news_plus2Yo!  Got some BIG news for you today and it has nothing to do with Greatest Hits or the end of the world.  Just kidding!  Seriously… After a lot of hard work I am so excited to announce my new site

What is this site all about?  Why do I need another website?  Great questions, let me explain… I’ve spent the last 6 months shooting all sorts of new talent and fresh faces.  This is my showcase for these shoots.  I reached out to many of my friends, managers, agents and publicists to see if there was anyone that needed new photos.  I got to work with all sorts of people… musicians, actors, models and creative people.

Since I do so much, create so much and love everything I do… I have to make room for it all.  My sites are ultimately a showcase of my art and passion, but its also about having fun.  I knew I needed to shoot and update my work, but I didn’t want to mix this new work with my past work.  I felt it could get confusing and my clients like things simple.

Now I get to share it, show it and get everyone to see the new & improved Chris!  Time to crank up my social media and have some fun.  Follow me on Twitter & Instagram @CuffaroPhoto.