YO!  How we holding up during these crazy days?  While I’ve been home trying to keep myself busy and creative I’ve seen something that annoys the fuck out of me.  Illegal shitty merchandise with my photos on eBay!  This shit pisses me OFF!!!  How would you like it if I came to your work and took your hard work?  What if took that work and sold it without asking?  

What pisses me off is the quality is always bad and the fans spend their money on this shit!  Please DON’T waste your money!  Ask the seller if it’s approved by the artist!  Ask if the photographer has approved the use of his photo.  Ask if they got permission to make the merchandise they are selling!!!

PLEASE don’t but the shit merchandise.  PLEASE don’t waste your money!  PLEASE remember the artist that creates the work also has to live and work.  We all have to make a living & have bills to pay.  ALSO for me it’s about manners, respect and doing good business.  I also hate the idea of you wasting your money on shit!  Thank you for letting me vent!