Dear pop stars, rock stars & wanna be stars…

I’m sorry, but I need to vent.  Some advice for the youngsters in today’s music world… Please stop expressing your personal issues and feelings at concerts (in between songs)!  People are coming/paying to see you perform and entertain.  They’re not there for a TED Talk or therapy session.  They come to you to escape their own issues and have some fun.  They do not need to be reminded life is NOT easy.  We all know it’s not easy these days.

All my older friends will understand.  The 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s were all about sex, drugs and Rock&Roll.  Not feelings, group therapy and self discovery.  AND if I was about that, they put it in their music.  Please stop thinking yer the only one going through life and having a difficult time… everyone is, including myself.  Please be the escape, the entertainment and the fun for your audience/fans.

LAST… like everything in life.  This is not a B&W issue.  There are a million shades of gray.  I just want the new talent to remember… it’s the business of entertainment… please entertain and have fun doing it.

Thank you.


PS.  Do you agree or disagree?