cc_dianaHave you heard of the Diana camera?  Its NOT a Holga!  Its NOT an iPhone app.  Its an OLD school plastic camera.  The Holga wants to be a Diana.  ;-)  I was blessed to own a couple through the years.  They didn’t last long cuz they would fall apart, but when they did work they were awesome.  They were SO bad, they were GREAT.  I still have one in the box left on my shelf.

I’ve used mine for all sorts of things.  I shot rock stars, album covers, travel pix and even a friends wedding.  They were beyond simple and basic.  Now days you can get the crappy effect with Instagram and some funky filters.  Not a bad thing, but it was more fun with a real Diana camera and film.  A lot more of a challenge and you never knew what you were gonna get.

Now days there are all sorts of knock offs and actually some pretty cool choices.  Go to and you can buy one for yourself.  They have ones that shoot film and instant film.  Have fun and make some crazy memories.  BUT do me one favor, if you shoot instant pix… do NOT take pictures of them with your iPhone and post them on Instagram.  UGH!  That shit is lame and defeats the purpose of instant pix!  Kids today!