I know how this is going to sound.  I know what I’m about to say is kind of annoying, but I have to say it.  Most of today’s art world is diluted & boring.  Photography, modern art, fine art, music, film and so on… diluted & boring.  Too much of everything and everything is diluted.  And now we have to deal with A.I.  Which isn’t bad, but it’s NOT art by a human being.  Call me old fashion or just old, but I like my art created by a human being.

I understand it’s the world we live in.  I understand that not ALL art is diluted and boring.  I just think the majority if just content.  We live in the time of “content is king”.  Make content, share content and consume content.  Then figure out how to make money off content.  So much content that it’s overwhelming.  For photography everyone’s work looks the same and has no soul!  For music it’s not produced, it’s made.  There is so much, it’s truly difficult to get seen and heard.  You have to go through SO much shit to actually see/hear the quality art!

Yes, this is my opinion and I know I’m generalizing.  I just woke up this morning cranky cuz I saw something that was diluted and boring on Instagram.  Another photographer sharing content that will be forgotten by his next post.  UGH.  What’s the answer?  Simply this people… dig deeper, look hard, raise your standards for what is truly art!  Do not settle for good, demand great from ALL artists, including yourself!  Most of all do NOT put these content creators on pedestals thinking they are creating something new.  It’s SO not!  Please keep perspective and celebrate the true original artists that are truly creating great art.