YO!  SO excited to share and show you my newest directing work.  I’ve been directing since 1991, but never really pushed hard until now.  I spent the last few months working on these clips and my reel.  I did all the preproduction and got some help with the post production.  Again, this is just a start.  Trust me there is so much more in the works!  I have BIG goals as always.

I wanted to show my range with these new clips.  I wanted to show everyone that I can create content of any kind for anyone with any budget.  These days it’s so important to work with clients and help them get what they need.  After all these years I know how to do this better than most.

I want to thank my DP Connor Wyse for his hard work, support and mad skills.  I also want to thank my crew and talent.  Everyone helped out and gave me their best.  Woo hoo!