How often do you watch ESPN News or any of their morning shows?  How often do you look at their websites?  Are you a sports fan?  Do you even give a fuck about sports at all?  When I was young I used to play every sport I could.  I used to love sports!  I would go to games all the time and love my sports heroes.  Today I could care less about most sports and teams.  I am a HUGE English Premier League fan and I do love me some MLS.  

I have serious issues with ESPN these days cuz I watch the morning shows when I get up.  There’s NOT a whole lot of choices in the mornings so I’m stuck watching this shit.  Here’s my problem… they make everything NEWS!  Shit that wouldn’t be news 20 years ago is now news.  They report every stupid thing as if it matters.  Who said what to who?  What a player did off the field.  What a player makes in salary.  They make mountains out of mole hills and mole hills out of flat land.  They talk less about the games and more about the shit that doesn’t matter just to fill up time.  ALL I hear is blah blah blah!

I just wish they would cut it back a bit.  They just talk and talk to take up time.  They just babble and try to make everything sound important!  They just go on and on about the the NFL, NBA, MLB, College Sports and barely talk about the MLS.  It’s fucking annoying!  I just bad TV!  It’s all because it’s just content.  Like everything… it’s just content.  Bad content makes money, just like good content does.  Ugh.