What time is it?  It’s that time again.  Back to business YO!  My last exhibition was at the end of 2019 in Sydney, Australia.  It was Greatest Hits: Michael Hutchence at Blender Gallery.  That was a lifetime ago.  Almost 3 years!!!  Where the fuck did the time go?  Seriously, please tell me.

I lost a lot of momentum because of Covid.  I had to cancel 3 exhibitions in 2020 and it pissed me off.  I had to sit back and wait.  I don’t do good with waiting for anything.  I hate waiting!!!  I spent the first half of this year thinking, planning, talking, listening and a lot or praying!  Had to think about what I want to do and what I can do.  If you know me, I plan everything and I mean everything.

I sat down and did the work.  Thanks to some best friends I’m getting back into the game yo!  Starting in September I’m gonna do my first exhibition and the build from there.  I want to GO big right out of the gate.  I want to let everyone know I’m still alive and makings shit happen.  SO… FOLLOW ME on social, sign-up for my newsletter, check back here and get ready.  This shit is going down YO!