OK, I know how this is gonna sound.  It’s gonna sound like a cranky old man.  It’s gonna sound like me.  I’m not that cranky about much, but there are some things that annoy the fuck out of me.   Today its SELFIES!!!  Not just regular selfies, but Instagram selfies!!!  For fuck sake kids… it’s NOT always about you.

I see it everyday the younger generation shooting photos of themselves ALL day, everyday.  I have some questions… It’s like how many do you need?  How many photos of YOU are on your feed?  DO you ever look up, look around and see what is in front of you?  Is it not nice enough to document?  PLEASE explain to me what the fuck does taking photos of yourself everyday do for you and your life!

I’ve been shooting pix a long time.  I shot my first roll of film at 10 and never looked back.  I have documented my life since then.  I have maybe 50 photos of me from back in the day.  I was too busy documenting my life and my fun!  I would hate to look back and see nothing but photos of me.  UGH.  How boring?!?!  

To finish up this rant I’ll say this and give you some advice.  Simply this… look up, look around and shoot what is going on in your life.  Friends, family, pets, scenics, home, vacations and so on.  Just not always you.  Trust me, 20 years from now you will thank me and have photos of your best memories like I do.