Some advice for you young photographers… take care of your health please.  Go easy and take care of your physical health!  I am paying the price for the photographer life big time.  Shoulder surgery, degenerative disc disease in my spine and old injuries that hurt more today.  Basically I’ve been in pain 24/7 for the last 10+ years.  Let’s not forget about tinnitus.  UGH.  NOT fun!

Nobody warned me that photography was so physical and difficult.  Nobody told me there would be a price to pay!  Nobody told me to go easy back in the day.  SO I’m telling you NOW, please take care of you.  Pain fucks with you physically and mentally!  Pain doesn’t care how good life is or how much fun you want to have.  Pain doesn’t give a fuck about anything.

My doctors are keeping me alive and going.  They all laugh when I talk about nobody warning me.  They tell me, I should have paid attention and taken better care from day one.  They are right, I did not listen to my body and just moved forward like I still do.  Now days I move forward, but slower.  Nothing will stop me from shooting, but it does slow me down.  I fucking hate pain, but I do my best to deal with it in a healthy safe way.