UGH!  Shut the fuck up!  Please!  IF I hear one more photographer complain about getting paid I will scream.  Bro, Dude, Bruh… who told you the photography game was easy?  Who told you would get what you think yer worth?  This game has NOT been easy since the camera was invented.  Stop your bitching and just shoot.  This is not a “normal” or easy business to be in no matter what you shoot.  This game is NOT for the weak.

I’ll keep this simple… WE are all worth 10x more than we get.  WE all deserve to get paid more, paid on time and respected for the work we have done & do.  WE spend more time on one shoot than most people spend in a day doing their own job.  We do the job of 10 people!  We have preproduction, the shoot and of course post production.  IF I got paid for ALL of that I would be happy, but that’s rare and NOT the game today!!

This game is NOT easy and never has been.  It’s harder now than when I started way way back in the day.  There are more photographers than ever.  More clients that don’t want to spend money on real quality work.  More photographers willing to do the shoot for much less than you will and do it as good (sorry, facts).  Of course clients and people don’t appreciate you and what you do as a photographer, everyone can do it or think they can.  I can go on and on, but I will end this rant by simply saying this… “It’s all in the game yo.  You either play or get played.”