Great Moments
“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”  I’ve had too may moments to count.  I’ve met and shot too many of my heroes.  Spent time with some of the coolest people on earth.  Lucky enough to have more than a few special moments.  These are special moments that I will never forget and will always be grateful for.  Today’s GREAT Moment…

Doc Severinsen | 10.14.88
Way back in the day.  The late 80’s not to be exact.  The good old days.  ;-)  I got a call from Doc’s Severinsen management about doing a shoot.  You have NO ideas how exciting this was.  I grew up watching the Tonight Show every night.  My first trip to Los Angeles after High School I went to the taping of the Tonight Show twice.  I loved Johnny Carson and his sidekicks.  SO getting this job was a huge thrill.

When they picked the day to shoot I was out of town and could not do it.  Ugh.  I was bummed, but they told me that Doc would wait for me to return.  Really?  The shoot was set and we were ready to go.  I couldn’t believe that I was going to meet and shoot Doc.  He showed up to the shoot with his bulldog and was as cool as I knew he would be.  It was so weird to be talking to him and taking his picture.  He’s such a legend!!!  He told me he waited for me because he liked my work.  That just blew my mind and made the shoot that much more special.  What made it even better was we ended up shooting a few more times through the years and every time Doc was always nice to me.  And of course super cool.