Yo!  I finally have a moment to sit down and reflect on my first Greatest Hits event here in Los Angeles.  Simply put, it was awesome in every way!  Thanks to everyone who attended.  

I wanna talk about the build up to the February 2nd event at Gibson Brands on Sunset.  I wanna talk about my Greatest Hits: 30in30 shoots.  First… they went as smooth and fun as I knew they would.  From the first to the last.  ALL 30 portraits just worked and I had a blast shooting them.

Thanks to Jason at EDGE Studios for all his help and support.  Without him none of these shoots would have happened.  Thanks to all my subjects for putting up with my insane idea to shoot 30 portraits in 30 days.  Thanks to my crew for their amazing help to make these shoots go smooth and easy.  Here’s the list of subjects and the date of their portrait.

01.02 – Matthew & Nathan Leone
01.03 – Jason Sutter
01.04 – Fred Sablan
01.05 – Jeordie White
01.06 –