Holy fuck where does the time go?  Seriously, how did I get here.  Today is my 57th birthday.  OMFG!  It seems like yesterday when I turned 21 and moved to Los Angeles.  Now I’m older and thank God wiser.  That is the best thing about getting older… You gain so much wisdom.  Its taken me many years of work and life to get me where I am today.  I just have to say one thing… I’m the best Chris I have ever been.  Feels good.  

Every birthday I spend time alone and reflect.  I like to look back, look forward and just say thank you.  Being grateful is everything to me.  Being honest and passionate the other two most important qualities I live for.  I have issues, many issues, but I will always be honest.  This birthday I’m beyond grateful cuz I’m having more fun than ever.  I’m also doing the best work of my entire 45+ year career and I have the best friends ever!  Woo hoo!  THANK YOU!!!