I’m back!  Well kind of.  I’m back in Los Angeles after 3 months of Australia.  It’s nice to be back home, but not easy.  I love Sydney so much, but I love Bondi Beach even more.  Living and working there was awesome.  Waking up everyday across the street from the beach was perfect, simply perfect.

Now that I’m back there is much to do.  I have to catch up first and get busy with everything.  Catching up sucks, but I love planning & organizing so I’m good.  Getting busy with next few months will be tough.  Nothing I can’t handle, but, summer is close and trust me ALL I’m thinking about is the beach!

First up I want and need to shoot ASAP!  Second, I need to work on everything I did back in Oz.  Third, I’m gonna direct more clips and a new music video.  Fourth,  lots of new exhibitions to work on.  Fifth, did I say I needed to shoot now!  Basically I have much I want to do and will do.  That’s how I roll.  Every idea brings more work and that’s the way I like it.

Last up… I miss my friends back in Australia.  I miss everything about these last 3 months, but I know I will be back sooner than later.  Just gotta do the work yo!  Gotta make shit happen!!!