This last year I’ve had a half dozen dramas and ALL of them came from young people who thought we were friends.  I give every young person I know room to grow and learn.  I do my best to support and educate.  But what these kids don’t understand is that communication is very important and that actions do speak very loud as well.  

I was told long ago… “when you play with babies you get peed on”.  It’s a FACT!  I just need to spend less time with the babies and lower my expectations of these babies.  I never tell them what to do or anyone for that fact.  Why?  Cuz I hate being told what to do.  I give advice and let them decide.  I will help anyone who asks nicely.  I’ll support everyone when they ask nicely.

My advice right now is simple.  And it goes to everyone who is reading this.  Communication is everything.  I don’t read minds, nobody does.  If yer not sure, just ask.  If you don’t know, just ask.  I know I can do BETTER at communicating, do you know?  Does everyone know what yer thinking, what you need and what’s important to you.  Please don’t assume anything with anyone.  Be better please!!!