O.G. Dogg!  This was my first shoot with Ice-T, but not my first experience seeing him.  I was lucky enough to see many shows from the first year of Lollapalooza in 1991 because I was following around Jane’s Addiction.  Bodycount was his new metal band and making BIG noise all tour long!  Honestly, they were pretty good and the audience loved them no matter what they played.

I was asked to shoot a publicity shoot for Bodycount and could NOT wait to really meet Ice-T.  He did NOT disappoint.  His band was cool, professional, and so NOT hardcore “ganstas.”  It made me laugh, most of the guys lived in the valley rather than the hood.  Ice was so nice and I had told him about the music I grew up on in the 70’s.  He could not believe my taste in music and how lucky I was to see all the greats (and I got pix too!).