I’m sorry.  Yes, sorry.  If I did bad or wrong, then please accept my apology.  I’ve been dealing with some young friends who have decided  not to communicate.  What do the kids say these days… ghost me.  After I have helped them, supported them and encouraged them I get nothing in return.  Not a thank you, not an explanation or even a fuck off.

SO, if I’ve done something wrong… I’m sorry.  BUT can you please communicate and let me know what I did so I can learn and be better.  And when I say communicate I don’t mean a fucking text message!  I mean stop by or call me.  That’s what adults do.  We talk, explain our thoughts and feelings.  We solve the issue and move forward.  Unless you don’t care or want to care.  Then I’m wasting my time!

Maybe I’m asking too much from my young friends.  Maybe I’m asking the impossible.  All I know is that life is short, being nice does not cost a dime and communication is everything in life, love and business.  You can NOT go through life not respecting your friends and think they will be your friends when you need them most.  Just saying… if you got an issue… talk about it!