Sorry, but I’m going to rant again!  This time about YouTube photographers and YouTube teaching.  Why do ALL you photographers think what you say is true or the only way?  What makes you an “expert”?  What have you done?  Why should I listen to you?  Every time you say something you need to let people know… It’s your opinion!”  Maybe have a disclaimer on your home page that says it’s all YOUR opinion.

Half the people I check out don’t know what they’re talking about and the other half are just selling products that you don’t need.  I’m ok with what they say, but it’s ONLY their opinion.  Just like this blog post is MY opinion.  See how this works?

Again, I know what I’m saying and how I sound.  I know I sound like an cranky old man yelling at the sky.  Just know it’s cuz I care.  I help so many young photographers these days I just want them to see & hear ALL aspects of the photography business.  I want them to think and do.  I didn’t have YouTube back in the day.  I went to the school of hard knocks.  I did my best and made a ton of mistakes, but that is how I learned.  I’m sure if I was starting out now I would be all over YouTube and listening to their opinions!!