So I was HACKED big time.  I made the mistake thinking something was official and it wasn’t.  ALL my fault.  They took my account and locked me out.  It took all of 5 minutes.  Fuck me!  SO not happy about this.  I had worked so hard on my Instagram life.  Sharing my work, my business and my life.  I was verified and had over 21k followers.  Fuck!!!

I’ve reported to support everyday, but customer support for Instagram sucks!  There is NO support!  It’s SO stupid.  Makes NO sense, but not surprised.  Most tech companies service and support sucks big time.  They don’t care and they don’t have to care.  Again… it sucks!

I started a new account @TheCuffaroPhoto a week ago.  I have to admit I’m not paying too much attention to Instagram.  I needed to step back and just NOT do Instagram and ALL social media.  Sometimes it’s best to take a break.  I’ll be back full force as soon as I feel better.  For now… break time!