cc_instagramListen up Instagram lovers I have some thoughts and advice for you.  I understand you’re big fans of your bands and musiciians.  I appreciate the fact that you love my photos.  I love the nice comments I get.  I also love the fact that you care so much about the legends that have passed.  BUT I really wish you would use some manners when it comes to Instagram.  Here’s 3 things I wish you could do for me…

Manners Please – If you want to take one of photos and post it, please ask.  Like the musicians you love, I work hard for my art.  Don’t steal, just ask.  99% of the time I will say yes.  I just like being asked.  Manners matter and cost nothing.  The nicer you are, the more I will post.

Credit Please – If you are going to repost, borrow or steal my images could you please credit me.  Again, it’s nice and the polite thing to do.

For Sale – If you like any of my photos, just know that you can buy a print from me.  Just email me and let me know what you like at or check out my new store HERE!