cc_isagenixHello!  You don’t know me, but I am who I am.  I’m 55 years old, I’ve been the hardest working photographer I know.  I’ve been shooting for over 40+ years now and its been one crazy life filled with hard work and way too much fun.  And I have photos to prove it.  My life is filled with lots of stress, pressure and anxiety.  Its also filled with lots of passion, gratitude and amazing experiences.  My motto… “Work smart, be smart and have fun doing it!”

I’ve never been to concerned with health or diet most of my life, I never had any reason to worry.  I ate everything I wanted weather it was good or bad.  Never had to think about the consequences in any way until the last 10 years.  When I turned 45 I noticed that my body reacted to pretty much everything no matter how good or bad.  From caffeine to sugar to milk to just about everything I had a reaction to.  I’m told this is all part of getting old.  Ugh.

I’ve had my weird health issues in the last 5 years and it hasn’t been fun… Kidney stones, gall stones, serious back problems and now major shoulder problems.  I guess I’m paying for all the fun I’ve had.  I did an allergy test back in January and discovered I was allergic to most of what I was eating and it explained why I was feeling like shit, had no energy and couldn’t handle all the stress.

That’s not where my story ends.  This is just the beginning.  A few months ago my good friend Ash recommended Isagenix to me.  She knows my crazy life and knows how hard I work.  She said Isagenix could really help me with my energy, deal with the stress and most of all get healthy nutrients.  It was easy and simple, just the way like things.  So, I agreed to give it a shot.

Of course I picked one of the craziest months ever… July.  More work that usual.  With so much going on I took the challenge anyways and went for it.  I followed her instructions, got some advice, read everything I could and did my measurements.   Let the games begin!

Here’s what I thought… First of all everything tasted good.  I really got into making creative shakes using fresh and frozen fruits.  Tried most of the snacks, not bad.  Loved the E-Shots big time!  Didn’t have a problem with the schedule or the cleanse days.  I stuck to everything as best as I could for 30 days.  I will admit I cheated twice, but nothing to crazy.  I have to say I ended up liking the products and have continued using them.  I have a shake every morning instead of coffee and I don’t crash like I use to.  I still enjoy messing around with recipes and being creative with my shakes.  I have an afternoon shake when I need a pick me up and keep my meals as healthy as possible.

This is NO miracle cure for all my problems, BUT I have to admit that I feel better and thats all that matters to me.  Getting older is a full time job and I find that eating healthier foods is a good thing.  The Isagenix program & products works for me.  I’m NOT trying to sell you anything, I’m just saying it works for me and I like them.  Now if only they could make a pizza flavored shake I would be even happier.