In 1995, I was asked to shoot producer Julia Phillips for W Magazine.  She has just come out with her second book, Driving Under the Influence, and this spread was intended to promote her work.  I could see immediately why Julia was considered a true Hollywood legend.  She was a no bullshit, straight-talking kind of woman (what’s not to love?).  She knew what she wanted, when she wanted it, and so did I.  We were like a photographic match made in heaven.

Before the shoot, we met up to brainstorm ideas.  She smoked non-stop while we shared a bottle of vodka and discussed possible concepts.  The following day I came back to her house and asked her to climb down into her empty pool.  Then the shoot began.  I told her I wanted to capture her strength and intelligence first and foremost.  And I did!  This is a shoot I will never forget.

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