Just gotta rant about the world we live in.  Have you noticed in the last 10+ years there is TOO MUCH of everything?  Seriously, there is TOO MUCH of everything!!!  So fucking annoying.  Too many photographers, models, musicians, creatives, actors and so on.  Just too fucking many!  There is NOT enough paying work for everyone.  The slice of the pie has gotten thinner for everyone.  It’s fucking stupid.

I feel bad for the younger generation.  It’s easier than ever to be a musician, photographer, actor and everything.  Just cuz you can sing doesn’t mean you should pursue a pop star career!  Just cuz you have an iPhone doesn’t mean you should be a photographer.  Just cuz you can read lines doesn’t mean you can be an actor.  BUT for some reason everyone has these dreams to be famous and thinks being “something” will do this.  It won’t.  We are in the middle of the “Look at Me” generation.  It’s so old and tired.

There will be a lot of disappointed losers out there soon.  My suggestion become a therapist so you can help them deal with their failure.  Trust me there will be a lot of customers!  My advice… pursue your dreams, but have a fall back plan, get a mentor and realize its so NOT easy!!!  NOTHING in life is easy, so be prepared to struggle and go crazy.  Just have fun doing it!!!