YO!  This is gonna be tough.  I ramble about this shit all the time on Clubhouse.  I have my opinions and I know they’re only my opinions.  Though the years I noticed photographers like to label themselves by what kind of photography they do.  These days it’s more than ever.  Some that I see… Fashion Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Celebrity Photographer, Portrait Photographer, Boudoir Photographer, Editorial Photographer and so many more.  

Seriously,  too many to fucking count!  Since I started my photography life I just said I was a “photographer”.  Plain old photographer!  I will shoot what I want and I know it always changes.  If someone asks me to shooting something I can’t, I say no.  I know what I can do and bring to any job/shoot.  It’s bad enough clients and people will label you and put you in a box, don’t do it to yourself please.  Just say yer a photographer.  Then when they ask what do you shoot?  Just say… what do you need?  

AGAIN, I know this does NOT work for everyone or every business.  I’m just saying please don’t label yourself out of some potential work and fun.  The joy comes from the process and the challenges.