As we enter into the new post Covid life there are lots of changes to deal with.  The biggest one for me is getting back to travel and exhibitions.  I’m hoping for both in 2022.  I’m hoping to get back to business and having some serious fun.  Covid took two years off my Greatest Hits plan and I have a lot to catch up on.

I have not gone to a public place in these two years and I’m planning on doing so before the end of December.  I want to get a meal, see a movie and have some fun.  I wanna get back to my normal.  I wanna get back to my social life.  I’m going to have my first exhibition in March 2022 and I have BIG ideas.  Stay tuned for the announcement.

Last thing about life after Covid… to all my friends here, there and everywhere.  I hope you took advantage of the two years and used them to grow.  Yes, it wasn’t easy for me or anyone, but I did my best.  I hope you did your best.  I hope you are better today than when this shit started.  I hope you’re ready and exited about the future like I am.  Let’s do this!