On this last 4 month trip I did a lot of thinking and reflecting about my life, work and art.  Being gone for so long and being far away helps give me perspective on my life.  I needed this trip for many reasons, but the biggest reason… mid-life crisis!  Well, that’s what I’ve been calling these last 5 years.  I needed to call these crazy times something and that made sense!  

I took so many days for myself.  Sat on the beach and just thought long and hard about what I’ve done, what I want to do and what it will take.  I know I need a plan and I’m working on that now.  But then again I’m always working on a plan!  My plan right now… get help!  I need help!!!  I need help in so many areas of my life and work.  I just need to get help NOW!

My plan is to reach out and ask.  Reach out and see who can help me with my work and goals!  I know plenty of people who can help, lets just see if they will help.  I got my list and I’m going to start the process now!  Wish me luck!  Pray for me!  Light a candle!