I have never been to Germany, but now my Greatest Hits are.  You can now buy my Greatest Prints at Loft 11 Gallery in Munich, Germany.  How fucking cool is this?  My prints are now in Germany!  Woo hoo.  Now all I need to do is get there myself.  I hope someday soon to visit and maybe have a BIG Greatest Hits exhibition.

Please stop by and say hello to Axel Derendorf and tell him I sent you.  He’s got a small collection of my Greatest Hits and more are on the way.  If you live in Germany and love music photography Loft 11 Gallery is the place for you.  They have it all and more.  I’m hoping to visit next year and doing something special in Munich.  Greatest Hits is perfect for Munich and their music photography fans.

Loft 11 Gallery
Director/Curator: Axel Derendorf
Steinstrasse 11
81667 München, Munich
Tel: +49(0) 89 740 774 10
Email: info@loft11gallery.com