Hello Texas!!!  So happy to say hello to ALL my Texas friends and mainly the ones in Austin.  Super happy to say my Greatest Hits can now be purchased at Modern Rocks Gallery!  This is BIG in so many ways.  First, cuz it’s Texas and they only do BIG in Texas.  Second, cuz Modern Rocks Gallery is the best gallery in Texas!  And last, the music photography fans are the best in Texas!

I’ve been to Texas many times and only once to Austin.  I’m so excited to have my Greatest Hits at Modern Rocks Gallery.  They carry the best of the best in music photography from around the world.  It’s an honor to be supported by such a great gallery.  This is just the beginning  and we are already planning some BIG things for the near future.  Be ready Texas I’m coming for you!

Modern Rocks Gallery
916 Springdale Road
Austin, TX, 78702
Tel: 512 524 1488
Email: info@modernrocksgallery.com