cc_moreYes, I push my music art a lot these days.  Just so you know its because I’m working on my biggest project ever Greatest Hits.  Its my celebration of my music work, but just so you know I’ve done so much more than that.  You would be surprised by ALL that I have created in my career.  There’s only a couple people in my life that have seen ALL my life’s work.  There’s so much more than you know.

I’ve been shooting for 45 years now and when I started I wanted to be a sports photographer, then I wanted to be a fashion photographer and then I moved to LA to be an entertainment photographer.  In between I shot cars, still life, catalogs, nudes, people, places and so many strange things.  I just loved photography and would shoot anything that I could.  I did not want to limit myself to any one subject.  I always felt that no matter what I shot it would help me learn and help me grow as an artist.

If you go though my site you can see all sorts of samples, but just so you know there is 100x more in my vault.  It would take me a very long time to scan and digitize all my work.  I’m trying to go through and find the really special projects.  There’s just a lot to go through and I don’t have the time.  One bit of advice I have for all you photographers out there… Shoot everything, shoot as often as you can and shoot till you drop!!!  Live to create and create to live is my life’s motto!!!