I got this shoot for Ray Gun Magazine back in 1994.  It was a funny day for sure.  I booked Smash Box Studios in Culver City for the day, got my crew in order and got everything ready.  The day started smooth, Morrissey was on time and I was good to go.  Back in those days Smash Box was the biggest studio in town and shooting there was the best!  Everyone at the studio was always good to me and my shoots.

The one thing I remember most about this shoot was a simple funny moment.  I had Morrissey in front of my camera, shot a couple polaroids and had a little chat going on.  The music stopped on the stereo and I had to run over and change the CD.  While I was doing that, Morrissey asked my assistant “Is Chris a famous photographer?”  My assistant replied, “NO, he’s not famous… He’s good!”  It was such a quick, smart reply and to be honest I loved it!  My assistant told me what had happened as soon as we had a moment and I thanked him.  I’ll always remember Morrissey for that question and not really the shoot, because he was kind of boring.  Haha!

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