cc_headYou ever hear a song in your head and want it to just go away? Have you ever had someone play a song and for the next few days you can’t get it out of your head? Have you ever been annoyed by some lame song for days? I have and it drives me crazy! BUT this is not what I’m talking about today. I’m talking about the music that I have heard my whole life. I grew up with lots of music. ALL kinds of music. To this day, one thing I’m very proud of is I love ALL kinds of music. I’m not stuck on one kind or close minded to one genre. I love ALL good music.

I grew up with all sorts of good music. From rock to jazz to R&B to funk, to classical to pop and everything in between. Looking back now and connecting the dots… I realize this is why I got into shooting musicians! I just love music almost as much as I love photography. Somedays even more. All good music is amazing and makes me feel good all over. I love watching musicians create music. Taking an idea, a riff or a beat and turning it into something amazing. Its magical for sure! It is very true that music is the universal language.

All my greatest moments in my career are connected to music or musicians. I’ve been so blessed to have photos to prove it. When I look at these photos I hear the music in my head. When I hear the songs I remember the photos and I remember the moments. I smile and say thank you.