This was easy!  I love the Bass and the players who play it.  When ever I went to shows I would always judge the band by the bass player.  Here’s my 10 favorite.  Let me know what you think.  

  1. Larry Graham – Funk yes!  Invented the funky bass!
  2. Stanley Clarke – My hero!
  3. Bobby Watson – The backbone to Rufus!
  4. Flea – Funky, fun and crazy!
  5. Tina Weymouth – SO funky!  Have you really listened to Talking Heads?  You should!
  6. Verdine White – There is NO Earth, Wind & Fire without Verdine!
  7. Eric Avery – Best of his generation!!!
  8. Duff McKagen – Rock God in a rock band!
  9. Sting – Pure genius in so many genres!
  10. Nathen East – Can play anything and everything!