cc_cameraI’ve had more than a few cameras in my time.  Like a lot of fucking cameras!!!  It all started with an Olympus OM-1 way back in the day.  I’ve tried just about every brand and style.  From pocket cameras, Diana’s, medium format, 35mm, 4×5, 8×10, 6×7 and so on.  Could never have enough.  Now days I use one simple Hasselblad with a Phase One back that I love!!!  Keeping it simple!!  Here’s 10 favs that I had fun with…

  1. Polaroid 110B – My baby for all my 665 Polaroids.  LOVED this camera and still have it.  If only she could talk!!  If only there was 665 film for it!
  2. Nikon F2as – She was and still is the best camera ever!!!  They do NOT make them like her anymore.  My Nikons got me through some crazy times and never failed me.
  3. Diana – NOT a Holga!  I’ve had a few Diana’s.  They did not last long, but they were so unique and fun.  I still have one and wonder if I will ever use her again.
  4. Mamiya RZ67 – It was the last camera system I had before switching to digital.  It was big and heavy, but took amazing portraits.
  5. Hasselblad ELM – I had other bodies, but once I got this camera I was hooked on the motor drive.  Square baby!
  6. Pentax 6×7 – Great results, difficult camera.  If you shot more than 20 rolls of film your thumb started to hurt from all the winding of the film.  Ugh!
  7. Hasselblad H1 – What I use now.  Would love to have a newer fancier one, but its not cheap!
  8. Polaroid SX70 – Back in the day I use to shoot tons of polaroids.  I have a box filled with them somewhere in my vault.  In no rush to look at them.
  9. Mamiya 645 – My first medium format camera.  It sucked in every way, but it was my first.
  10. Olympus O-Product – At the time this camera was very unique.  They were made as limited edition cameras.  I got mine in NYC and still have it.  Its collecting dust on my desk, but I loved it back in the day!  Great for snap shots.