I wanted to have some fun with making lists.  I wanted to look back at my favorite musicians and come up with my Top 10.  I dug deep and really looked at the musicians that made me feel.  Not just about talent or the songs, but about passion and feel.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  I did NOT see all of them play live, but I did see most of them.

  1. Carlos Santana – As far as I’m concern, THE guitar God!
  2. Eric Clapton – The blues never felt so good.
  3. Dave Navarro – The best of his generation.
  4. The Edge – The greatest rock band ever!
  5. Prince – Duh!  Fucking genius!
  6. Frank Zappa – He was everything and could play the guitar better than most!
  7. Daryl Stuermer – My Genesis hero!!!  Also saw him play with Jean Luc-Ponty.
  8. Eddie Van Halen – Fuck yea bro!
  9. David Gilmore – Pure passion!!!
  10. Jerry Cantrell – Best of Seattle in so many ways!