YO!  Today is my birthday.  Ugh.  It’s my 61st birthday.  UGH!  I wanna take this moment just to say thank you to everyone and the universe.  I live a grateful life.  I believe in being grateful for all that life has given me and not.  I say thank you everyday.

Last years birthday sucked cuz of Covid 19.  I was alone, had no one to celebrate with and just sat there thanking the universe for another trip around the sun.  I remember just sitting there with my stale piece of cake laughing at what was going on in my life.  I remember just saying what I always say… Do your best and do the work.

This year I want a little more.  I hope to spend today with a special friend.  Maybe go to the beach.  Maybe eat a fresh piece of cake.  Maybe treat myself to some ice cream.  Will see.  I just need to say what I always say… THANK YOU!!!