cc_bucketI’m getting older by the day.  Its not fun and can be a bit scary at times.  I’m not a fan of middle age and I’m sure I’m gonna hate my so called “golden years” even more.  Getting older basically sucks.  Before I get too old there are a few things I want to do & accomplish.  I’ve kept these kind of lists for many years and thank God I crossed most of my goals off.  As I get older, I think about what’s left to do and not so much what I’ve done.  Wish me luck.

  1. To love & be loved – This has always been #1 on my list like forever.  I want to know it and feel it 100%.
  2. Australia – Been there many times, but I want to go back for a really long trip.  I want to live there for a while and just see what happens.  Be scared of the unknown mate.
  3. Book deal – I have enough material for many books.  I would like to make many and show everyone ALL that I’ve done.
  4. Direct a Movie – yes, you heard that right.  Been on my list for 25 years.
  5. Exhibitions – Starting with my Greatest Hits this year and many more to come.
  6. Japan – I’ve always wanted to visit Japan.  I’ve got to get there sooner than later.  I love the culture, food and people.
  7. Keep Shooting – My dream has always been to shoot until I drop.  It still is.
  8. Help My Friends – I’ve lived my dream for my whole life.  Now days I love helping my friend live theirs.  It makes me proud when I see a friend succeed or just see what hard work can do.
  9. Be Healthy – I’m not sure this goes on a bucket list, but I just want to be healthy in every way I can for as long as I can.
  10. Italy – Would love to live there for a short time.  Just be Italian for a bit.