cc_directorsThese be my favorite directors, yo!  These directors have shown me more than I ever dreamed of.  They’ve inspired me and my work.  When I started directing I stole all my ideas from these guys. So many to choose from, but here’s my top 10…

  1. Danny Boyle – “Transpotting”… The best ever!
  2. Christopher Nolan – the man has a vision that I wish I had.
  3. Robert Wise – Genius, duh!
  4. David Lean – three words… Lawrence of Arabia!
  5. David Fincher – I wish I could be him!
  6. Antoine Fuqua – he scares me cuz he’s only getting started!
  7. Stanley Donen – master of the musical… “Gotta Dance”!!!!
  8. Martin Scorsese – too many great movies to count!
  9. Frank Darabont – The “Shawshank Redemption” is perfect and it was his first movie!  Holy fuck!
  10. Sam Mendes – simply a genius!!!