What is a muse?  Who is a muse?  Do you have to love your muse?  I’ve had many muses through my career.  They are ALL women of course!  Each one for a different reason.  Each one was and is unique and very special.  I’ve always loved creating with women.  I have been shooting women since forever.  Over the years I’ve had different ones for different reasons.  Some I’ve shot a couple times, but the super special ones can be shot too many times to count.

These days I’m lucky and I have 3 main muses that I shoot regularly.  We trust each other and just create great art.  I love them all as friends and muses.  They make me look good and the experiences we have are what makes my life the best life.  It’s all about the process and experience we have when creating that makes me work so hard.  I always want more and I’m never satisfied.

Most of this work and photos never sees the light of day.  Most of it is for us.  Most of it is for me.  They inspire me and I love them for that.  Muses are important to any artist.  I’m so lucky for all my muses and especially cuz they put up with my crazy ideas.  Thank you!!!