There are so many great new artist these days.  They are so hard to find, but when I find them I’m blown away!  Here’s 10 new artist I really want to meet and shoot sooner than later.  They are new to me!!!

  1. Anne-Marie – She is pure talent!  PLEASE!!!
  2. Jidenna – He can do no wrong!
  3. Lepers and Crooks – My favorite band!!!
  4. LP – Fucking amazing!!!
  5. Will Heard – I know we could make some serious photos!
  6. Goldlink – He got style!!
  7. Vince Staples – O.G. Yo!
  8. Tame the Sun – Another great band from Australia. 
  9. Rival Sons – They’ve been around, but new for me.
  10. The Pink Slips – Cuz I shot your mom and dad.  Plus you rock!