cc_wish2Yo!  I did a wish list a while ago for musicians I would love to meet and shoot.  SO far no luck… my wishes have not come true.  I’m not giving up and I’ll keep wishing.  This time these are the people of ALL kinds that I would love to meet and shoot.  SO, if you know any of them… Hook me up bro.

  1. President Obama – Just want to hang with the prez!
  2. Natalie Portman – I’ve always admired her.  I think she would be fun.
  3. Nicole Kidman – You are amazing… Call me!
  4. Tim Cook – Would love to shoot a portrait, but would rather just have lunch.
  5. Oprah – Lets do this O!
  6. Buster Posey – Since he arrived to my Giants, we have won 3 of 5!
  7. David Fincher – My favorite director of the last 20 years!  Just want to pick his brain.
  8. Danny Boyle – One word… Trainspotting!  Wanna hear stories.
  9. Tom Hanks – Not since I shot your wedding have I seen you.  Always wanted to get a great portrait & talk about life.
  10. Blake Griffin – My favorite NBA player these days!