cc_nakedWhich do you prefer… Naked or nude?  I started shooting nudes way back in the day when I was 18 years old.  UGH!  Actually shot my first nudes at 17, but I don’t think those counted cuz the model was only topless.  I started looking at photos of naked grrls at a very young age.  Was fascinated by the female body and loved to see it naked whenever possible.  ;-)  I got serious about shooting nudes after seeing Irving Penn’s work.  I loved the shapes & lines.  I loved how simple and beautiful they were.  So classic.

In the beginning I kept it simple.  Black&White, body only and focused on shapes.  I think it was because I was shy and didn’t know what to ask for.  I was also trying to be like Penn and I knew I would never get close.  I look back at those images and smile.  They still hold up, they still work and they’re very good.  Shooting these nudes helped give me a lot of confidence and also helped me grow as a photographer.

I started shooting a lot more when I moved to Los Angeles.  I met more models who would shoot nudes.  I got very serious and shot as often as I could.  These were good times because I was learning all the time.  I was trying everything and everything was new.  I was pushing myself to be better, to get better and would not settle for anything less than great… but then again that is how I have always worked to this day.

Nude photography has come along way since then.  Now days there’s a million photographers shooting a million naked grrls.  If its not or Instagram or Twitter, its something.  There are so many naked grrls out there its crazy!  I’m not even including porn.  That’s a whole other blog post!!!