YO!  I got some BIG and exciting news!!!  Like serious fucking news!  My NFT mentor Chris Arvan and I have collaborated on some serious NFTs.  These are fucking amazing is so many ways.  Chris Arvan is a talented artist, musician and creator.  He’s multi-skilled and passionate about his art.  I gave him a few of my live images of my favorite artists and asked him to do his thing.

Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden are included in this first batch.  It’s the best of my Grunge.  It’s a collaboration that just works in so many ways!  This is just the beginning of our collaborative process.  We have so many ideas and a clear vision of what our collaborations are going to be.  These will all be under our brand CA⚡️CC.

Check out these first collabs at CuffaroNFT.com!  Buy them at Foundation.app!  What ever you do… do it now before it’s too late.  This shit is too good.