Are you as tired of the NOISE as I am?  I’m so over the fucking noise!  What’s the noise yer asking?  The noise is the world that surrounds us every fucking day.  The internet, social media, television and ALL media.  It’s this constant noise that never shuts up.  I’m doing my best to keep it all to a minimum, but every now and then it gets too loud.

I’m so tired of social media these days.  If you look at Twitter for less than 5 minutes it either pisses you off or makes you sad.  You can feel your mood change within seconds.  Now Instagram does it to.  Too much politics, ignorance and hate in ALL social media.  The stupidity is what pisses me off most.  Too many stupid fucking morons.  The worst part is they know they’re stupid and proud of it.

Since the start of this pandemic I’ve cut back on all social media & TV news.  It’s so unhealthy and I recommend that you do the same.  Get back to a simple noise free life.  Get back to close friends, real life and real love.  Get back to peace and quiet.  ALL this noise is just bullshit and not healthy!  Step back, get some perspective and breathe.  Stay safe always!