I big shout out goes to my friends at From The Pit!  A big THANK YOU for the love and support!  Yer asking… Who is From The Pit?  They’re group of music photographers who support each other in New Zealand.  I met them through producer AgentX and they hosted one of my Artist Talks and my Photo Talk.  They also laughed at my dumb stories and put up with me. ‘I want to THANK Chris Morgan, Dave Simpson and Chontalle Musson for the love and support! I can NOT wait to get back to NZ and have more fun with FromThePit.

I met the best Fashion photographer in New Zealand Stephen Tilley and he was the best!  He helped me with all my shoots and shot some BTS for me.  We laughed a lot about a lot.  I made a friend for life.  Can NOT wait to have him visit LA!  That way I can help him and show him how it’s done in the big city!

I also wanna give a BIG shout out to my new bestie Samantha Davies.  Samantha is a young, passionate, talented music photographer based in Auckland.  She supported and helped me with my exhibition and put up with me.  Samantha has serious game and I know has a big career ahead of her.

Overall I met so many photographers and they were all amazing!  Very passionate about photography and music.  They inspired me and reminded me why I love photography.  Talking to them and hearing their stories made me smile.  Photography is a powerful art and the community around it is all about passion, creativity and fun.