Since I started photography many years ago I’ve always done personal projects.  I’ve posted some of these personal projects on this website.  They are very important to me and my art.  Not only shooting the projects, but everything that comes from it.  Back in the day I use to shoot one project per year.  I did everything from flowers to hockey players to still life’s and more.  I did what ever was interesting.

I’m very curious about everything and doing personal projects feeds that curiosity.  What ever I am interested in I go shoot.  I know nobody will hire me to shoot these subjects so I hire myself.  I always love a challenge and there is no better way to challenge yourself, your art, your passion then by creating something from nothing.  Taking an idea and creating art!  

So my challenge to you… Find something or someone you’re interested in and go spends some time and shoot it.  Dig deep, work smart, get creative and shoot!  Then when you’re done… Make prints and put the prints in a box.  You gotta finish it and save it.  I saved ALL mine projects and they are some of my best work ever.  Now get busy and get to work!